Mudras in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a spiritual journey for the child in the womb, the parents and close family. The benefits of prenatal yoga are widely accepted. It becomes simpler for pregnant women to undertake prenatal yoga as a regular practice, if they are practitioners prior to pregnancy. Even in the case of yoga practitioners, the final trimester could be a challenge given the delicate and sensitive nature of the mother's body in these stages. Here, the practice of Mudras can be of great help as they offer similar benefits as Yoga.

How are Mudras beneficial during pregnancy?

For three reasons:
1] They can be done at any time of the day with ease and for as long as one is comfortable.
2] They give you enough flexibility to concentrate on your breath and accompanying prayers;
3] For the best benefit to reach the child in the womb both the parents can take up practice of Mudras.

However, Yoga or Mudra practice is not just an exercise. One needs to be initiated through a wise and realised Guru / mentor to be able to reap the benefits of yogic postures or mudra gestures. 
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India