Today in the course of pregnancy women do a lot of things. Firstly, there are regular visits to the Doctor/Obstetrician accompanied by supplements like folic acid, iron and vitamin pills, scans and tests. Women also undertake many activities to improve their well-being – like going for Yoga, walks, Pilate and Lamaze classes. In addition, they also take up proactive steps to prevent stretch marks and sagging belly post delivery.

What are these in the context of Prenatal Education? All the practices which are for enhancing the well-being of the mother are good, but these DO NOT constitute Prenatal Education.

Activities which enhance the well-being of the woman in the course of pregnancy are called Garbhini Paricharya. However, that is not Garbha Sanskara. Garbha Sansakara focuses only on the child growing as an embryo/foetus inside the womb of the mother. The education to be given to the child in the womb is Prenatal Education. It is very different from mother care or pregnancy care as observed in society.

Garbha Sanskara is true Prenatal Education. It is for the empowerment of the Child growing in the womb of the mother. It is not a matter of choice for mother or the parents – should we do it or not? It is a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY of parents to provide prenatal education and prepare the child for the course of life after taking birth.

Garbha Sanskara is for educating the Child in the womb and Garbhini Paricharya for the well-being of the Mother!