This package contains:

a) Parent Mirror - A journal that maps the parenting sense of a parent towards a child. The book also contains useful tips and activities that can help solve common issues faced by parents with children in early childhood and pre teen age groups. The most significant feature of the journal is its ability to help the parent reflect on where they are proceeding with their parenting, what are the obstacles and the potentials, how can they understand their own path of parenting and seek help in areas where progress is required.

b) Garbha Mandala - A colouring book that induces meditational effects into the mind of the parents and the child. The verses used in this book are taken from the Sacred Garbha Upanishad and each mandala is prepared with patterns to match the essence of the knowledge conveyed in these verses. The book also provides for the mother to pen down a letter to the child in the womb before each mandala. It is used to strengthen the attachment bond between parents and child.

[ Usage Guidance is provided with the books.If you need further  help, contact us for Guidance Sessions.]